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Architecture Aptitude is a team of Architects, Designers, Engineers, professionals and technocrats Under ICR Education services in Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, Pune, kolkata.ICR Education services is one of the Best entrance-coaching Classes run by CEPT, SPA & IIT alumni.  We provides training for entrance exams of Architecture : NATA / JEE Paper-II (B. Arch) / AIEEE (B.Arch) / MAH-AR-CET   Interior Design: CEPT-SID / APIED,  Civil Construction: CEPT-SBST : CEPT-Planning.GATE / CEED / NID/NIFT Entrance Exam

We provide Entrance exam preparation platform to prepare for Various Technical and Design stream in Result oriented manner with Latest cutting edge Teaching and Research Oriented technology.

ICR Education services offer students online coaching and training resources for the following tests and entrance exams: GATE, CEED, JEE B.Arch. exam, AIEEE, NATA exam, NID Exam, NIFT Exam, CEPT, MHCET, KCET, UPTU, TNPCEE, RPET, MPPET Exam.

Best Training and Study Material for NATA, CEED, B.Arch., GATE, NID, NIFT, UCEED Exam :

We provide Top Notch Study Material, Tutorial Packages, Question Banks, Sample Papers, “Online Mocktests” and online classes for students preparing for the Architecture Aptitude Exams for the B.Arch. Tests including AIEEE-JEE B.Arch. exam, NATA exam, NID, NIFT, SOFT & Srishti Exams, GATE & CEED Exams with Architecture, Computers, Electronics & Communications, Mechanical Eng. & Electrical Eng. streams at Post Graduation Level.

Exam Material Preparation, Coaching and Online Classrooms :

  • We provide the NATA, CEED, UCEED, NID, GATE, NIFT, CEPT, JEE B.Arch. Coaching classes and Study Material with specific training benefits which include entrance exam preparation materials and architectural courses:
  • Guidance to Students for How to prepare for NATA, AIEEE, JEE B.Arch. Architecture Aptitude Entrance Exams, NIFT, NID Entrance Exams & GATE and CEED Examinations.
  • Study Material & Practice papers, study material for AIEEE-JEE B.Arch., NATA, NIFT, NID, SOFT, GATE and CEED Exam for admission to various universities in India.
  • “Online Mocktest” for NATA Architecture exam, AIEEE-JEE B.Arch., CEED, CEPT, NID, NIFT, GATE, MHARCAT, MASA Examinations.
  • Online Classroom Coaching and Training for GATE, CEED, AIEEE, NATA , NID Exam, NIFT Exam, CEPT, MHCET, KCET, UPTU, TNPCEE, RPET, MPPET Exam.We Also Provides NATA & AIEEE B.Arch. Architecture classroom coaching at DELHI, CHENNAI, BANGALORE, AHMEDABAD, BHOPAL, INDORE, MUMBAI, COIMBATORE, HYDERABAD, SURAT and VADODARA
  • Sample papers and Test series for the GATE, CEED, AIEEE, NATA Test, NID Exam, NIFT Exam, CEPT, MHCET, KCET, UPTU, TNPCEE, RPET, MPPET Exam.

Do you want to study Architecture and Design anywhere in India and Abroad ? Whether you are looking to join a local university for your undergraduate or post graduate studies, passing an entry exam is a must. We, ArchitectureAptitude.com, are aware that passing any architecture and design entrance examination in India is very hard without prior preparation.

For that reason, we specialize in training and preparing students for various exams that they must do and pass in order to be admitted to various colleges and universities across the country.  Being a renowned team of designers, architects, technocrats, engineers and experts, Architecture Aptitude offers GATE, NATA, NIFT, CEED, CEPT, NID, JEE B.Arch., MPPET, KCET and many other exams.

We are dedicated to our work as we want you to get admission to the best schools all over the country.

We obviously offer you the study material, instant download courses, physical classes, online classes and mocktests for a small fee. Here on architectureaptitude.com we aim to give you:-

GATE 2017 Exam – With reference to Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) test, the examiner wants to know how well you understand certain subjects in engineering and technology. GATE architecture exam is conducted by the Indian Institute of Science in conjunction with the seven IlTs: IIT Guwahati, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee and IIT Madras, in place of the National Coordination Board.

When a student gets the recommended GATE score, they are offered admission to various post-graduate engineering programmes in the country’s best higher education schools.

They also get financial Aid from government scholarship agencies and the Ministry of Human Resource Development, MHRD. It is thus important to get from a recognised ICR education training website such as Architecture™ Aptitude.com.

Our will open up your mind and give you hints as to the questions you will be asked in your GATE exams. We will give you online classes, physical classes, mocktest papers, study materials and instant download courses.

CEED 2017 exam – Common Entrance Examination for Design, CEED, is done countrywide. Conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology along with IIT Bombay, on behalf of the Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources and Government of India, CEED Entrance tests your drawing skills, visual perception aptitude, design aptitude and your communication skills.

Being the key you can unlock your admission to Master of Design programmes with, and some pHDs in some institutes, CEED preparation tutorials are a must-have.

Although you may not gain entry to the best institutions with CEED alone, you still need to pass it. We can assist you with to ensure that you pass your CEED entry exam and move on to the next one. at Architectureaptitude.com is done by professionals who have trained hundreds of successful architects, technocrats and designers.

NID 2017 exam – Admission to the National Institute of Design, NID, does not happen automatically. Aspiring students have to pass a special NID entrance examination that comprises of two main levels: Design Aptitude Test (DAT) and NID Studio Test. To achieve excellence in tests like audio/visual, sketching, pschychological, psychometric, material handling and 3-D model making, you need NID entrance coaching.

It is good that you are reading this page now as we are the most reliable Coaching Classes in India. We obviously offer and to prepare you thoroughly for the examiner’s surprises.

CEPT 2017 exam – The Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University is a leading academic institution in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  It provides a few undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the fields of natural and developed environment of human society and similar disciplines. If you have an interest in these sorts of programmes, you must pass CEPT (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology) entry exam. Not only are we going to offer you CEPT study material but also adequate online and offline CEPT Coaching classes to help you pass your CEPT examination.

JEE Mains 2017 B.Arch exam – Joint Entrance Exam for Bachelor in Architecture is extremely important. Usually overseen in April every year, JEE B.Arch, formerly AIEEE B.Arch, examination has Part I and Part II. In the former, the student’s ability to visualize 3-D objects from 2-D drawings is tested. You need to have the mental ability to do analytical reasoning. It is precisely for this reason that we are offering you JEE B.Arch.coaching. Part II consists of more complex things to do with 3-D and 2-D subjects. Our professional trainers offer JEE B.Arch coaching classes in Ahmeadabad, JEE B.Arch. coaching in Bhopal, JEE B.Arch coaching in delhi, JEE B.Arch coaching in Bangalore and JEE B.Arch. coaching in Mumbai.

NATA 2017 test – The National Aptitude Test in Architecture, NATA, is an examination that measures your understanding based on the chosen area of study in architecture.  To be eligible for NATA you need to have passed tenth standard or an equivalent examination.  This is why we are giving you an opportunity to pass with flying colours through our NATA Coaching, NATA Sample papers, NATA Study material and much more.

Our NATA 2017 Coaching targets a number of regions across the country. You can get NATA coaching in Indore, NATA Coaching in Vadodara, NATA Coaching in Bhopal, NATA Coaching classes in Ahmedabad and NATA Coaching in Delhi. We are sure that you will love our method of offering NATA architecture coaching in the regions we have mentioned above.

NIFT test – National Institute of Fashion Technology was created in 1986. Boasting up to fifteen training centres, NIFT gives you the foundation you need in fashion design, management and technology. In order to be accepted you need to do the entry exam and pass it.  We want to offer you NIFT study material as well as NIFT Coaching classes and NIFT Sample papers for your revision. We are located in certain places across the country in which we run our classes. You can enrol for our NIFT Coaching in Mumbai, NIFT Coaching in Bhopal or NIFT Coaching in Delhi.

Final Word
ArchitectureAptitude.com offers Coaching classes and Study Material with Online Mocktest for NATA 2017, CEED 2017, NID 2017, NIFT 2017, GATE 2017, CEPT 2017, UCEED 2017, JEE B.Arch 2017 Exam .If you dream of studying in some of the best colleges of Architecture and Design in India and want to Prepare for entrance exam then call today at 930212787r or 9016166956

We Have Highest Success Rate in India as compared to Any Other Architecture and Design Coaching classes. We obviously provide the study material package for each course, internet-based mocktests, online classes that can enable you to study in the comfort of your home, instant download courses and physical classes. When you have us you are not alone and we are 100 percent sure that you will pass any exam for which you want to receive affordable coaching from us.

B.Arch. Coaching Classes: ICR Education services is pioneer and has its proven track record for B.Arch. Entrance Coaching in India. if You wish to prepare for JEE (Main) B.Arch. Exam then we can help you to learn B.Arch. Aptitude Entrance Exam as per Syllabus with Online Classes, Classroom coaching, Study material and sample papers including Guidance and evaluation support for B.Arch. Entrance Exam in india.

NATA Coaching : NATA is Known as National aptitude test in Architecture for 12th class students who wish to take admission in to Architecture in Various architecture colleges in India. We provide Classroom Coaching and Training programs for NATA Architecture Entrance Exam in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Bhopal, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad. Our Training institute Provide Best NATA Coaching Classes with Study Material, Question Bank, Online Mocktests and Regular Assesment. so that NATA Architecture aspirants can get maximum Results in NATA Entrance Exam. for Students who are reseding in Metro city i.e. Delhi, Bagalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc. we are also providing Exclusive and Special Online Live coaching so That NATA Students can save their Traveling time to reach at center for his/her preparation.

GATE Exam Coaching and Study Material: ICR Education services Provides Study material, sample papers and Coaching classes for GATE exam in india. we provides GATE Architecture study material, GATE CSE Study material, GATE ECE Study material, GATE Mechanical enginnering tutorials and Question bank. Our GATE Test series is also very popular in students for cracking GATE Exam

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Coaching Classes and Training for NATA , JEE B.Arch. Mains exam, CEED, UCEED, NID, NIFT, GATE, SOFT, PEARL AND SRISHTI Entrance: ICR Education services Under Architectureaptitude.com  provides  B.Arch./Design Physical Coaching classes in  Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bhopal, Mumbai, Chennai, Surat, Jaipur, Kolkata, vadodara, Rajkot, Nagpur, Noida, bangalore, hyderabad, kollam, vijaywada, indore,  pune, gwalior,  etc for NATA , JEE B.Arch. Mains exam, CEED, UCEED, NID, NIFT, GATE, SOFT, PEARL AND SRISHTI Entrance exam.. WE ALSO provides Online Coaching and Physical Classroom coaching for NATA , JEE B.Arch. Mains exam, CEED, UCEED, NID, NIFT, GATE, SOFT, PEARL AND SRISHTI Entrance Test. Interested student can get in Touch with Our Helpline numbers 09302127874 or 09755940022 or 09016166956 for Polishing their creativity, Imagination and Perception as Per Syllabus of NATA , JEE B.Arch. Mains exam, CEED, UCEED, NID, NIFT, GATE, SOFT, PEARL AND SRISHTI entrance Exam.

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